Why AlphaPay?

Time is money as the old saying goes. If you have less time and want more money than select AlphaPay
We are an International Fin-Tech with digital solutions for your Financial needs which are simpler, faster and less expensive.

Our main priority and goal is to make the account opening procedure as fast and efficient as possible.The account opening should not take more than a few minutes and you should be able to open it at your own convenience whether your at home or at your favourite restaurant! We make it simple for you so there is no hassle like with tradional conservative Banks.

Instant EURO payment is available at very competitive rates especially for larger amount transfers. We also offer transfers in up to 30 currencies. You should not pay high fees for transfers!

Convert your funds into any of 30 currencies at discounted FX conversion rates which are far better than Bank FX conversion rates. Save instantly!

Application screen

AlphaPay Mobile APP

Download the mobile APP and you can register in minutes and get your private or corporate account with the assitance of the APP. You can make payments, FX conversions from your phone just like you can using your online banking platform on your computer.

How to become a valued Customer



Download the AlphaPay APP from the APP store or from Google Play. Have your personal ID card or passport ready and let the APP guide you through. Simple and Easy!

Ellenőrzés / Jóváhagyás

Approval Processing

With the assistance of the onboarding software and our Back office we review the documentation that you have provided and if we have any questions we will get in contact with you to provide more information.


Account Opening

If all documentation is in order the account can be opened through the APP or you can request assistance from our Customer Service.



Enjoy using our APP anywhere and anytime! With our great low cost fees you can make transfers and FX conversions with the APP or grab your Laptop and use our online banking platform.